You guys are nailing the pre-season. First 2 games I bet a little light, but the last 5 I bet more than the norm and scored big time. My senior advisor is the best. Kudos to him. Can't wait for the season to start.
George P, NY

This is my first season betting on baseball and so far things are going good. I love baseball cause all you have to do is win!!!
Dan S, OK

I first heard about Gold Standard Picks on Sirius Radio and since this is not my first rodeo I was hesitant to pay anyone for their advice. I took advantage of their pay after you win program and it made me feel good paying my adviser on production and not empty promises.
Sam D, FL

I invested $250 in the MLB package about 2 weeks ago and it was the best investment I have ever made in sports betting. I wager myself just $100 per game and so far I have made a profit of $825. I am already way ahead of the game with 2 weeks to go. Best deal ever!!
Jen R, AZ

Off to an awesome start in Baseball, up $3,400 so far, not bad having never bet baseball before. Looking forward to a prosperous Football season with you guys.
Matt B, TX

Last year March Madness made me a ton of money with GSP. So far this year we are off to a 4-0 start.  If it's anything close to what I made last year I am going to be a very happy person going on a very expensive summer vacation.
Johnathan Sheppard, GA

To be honest I was not sure about investing in the March Madness package but how can you go wrong investing less than $300 on the whole tournament. I have paid different companies in the past a lot more than that and so far so good. What I do like is that I do not get any phone calls or get bothered by anyone from this company. Keep winning for me and I will be a client for life.
Scott Manner, NJ

Besides football, March Madness is the best time to make money if you have the right sources. I have been a client here for about 3 months and I have not had a negative week yet. I am happy and so is my advisor. I do not mind paying on performance. We have both made money and I hope it will continue throughout March.
Chris Stern, VA

I know its hard to win every week but so far you guys are making it look easy. I always thought it was me but it was the services I was dealing with that made me lose a ton of money. I have had such bad luck in the past I am hoping my winning will continue.
Sean V. Nashville, TN

I love this company!!! They never press me to play more than I am comfortable playing. My advisor only likes to play a few times a week. Simple strategy, play less make more.
James B. Enid, OK

The selections have been great this basketball season. Not only am I impressed with the selections but I am appreciative that my Adviser always answers the phone no matter what time of the day it is. I am by no means a big player but he treats me like I am one and I appreciate that.
Kevin K. Denver, CO

I'm not one to write testimonials, but I'm so amazed with your predictions and also your customer service. I first reqeusted a free pick "winner" then purchased a daily pick "winner", followed by another daily pick "winner" then purchased your bowl games plus subscription which I'm 8-1, overall 11-1, without you guys I would have lost A LOT of money. Thank you for delivering as promised. You have a client for Life!!! I'm spreading the word about you guys, it's the least I can do.... THANK YOU
Adam T. Des Moines, IA

BAM, You hit it again. Keep up the awesome work. Anyone looking for wins, give this company a shot. Their stats are legit and since I've signed up, I'm making money.
Michael B. Brooklyn, NY

I have to admit I was hesitant to open an account with gsp but after being a client for over 2 months now I have not had a losing week. So far so good!!!
Jay M. Matawan, NJ

Besides the consistency of the the selections, I am truly satisfied with the advisors that I have been in contact with. They are very knowledgeable in every sport and most importantly very respectful.
Anthony R. Sacramento, CA

I am very satisfied with the picks I have been receiving since I started about 3 weeks ago. I also like the fact that my advisor does not pressure me into wagering amounts that I am uncomfortable playing.

Richard F. Naples, FL

Before joining  I was playing too many games and my wagering amount were to inconsistent. The advisors at Gold Standard have shown me the correct way to wager while managing my money correctly. Its made all the difference in the world. Less stress and more money.
Dino M. Denver, CO

Over the years I’ve tried my luck with various handicappers, but none of them gave me consistent results. Your company has changed all of that and I’m truly grateful.
Marty S., Las Vegas, NV

You’ve helped me improve my bets and I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support.
Steven K., Greensboro, NC is amazing and they really nailed it. I was so surprised with our run that I’m recommending all my friends.
Kelly B., Vancouver, WA

I am happy to give you my testimonial. You’re all easy to deal with and you know your stuff. Glad I called.
Manny T., Houston, TX

I’m having lots of fun with my winnings. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Wayne K., Montreal - Canada

Buying your initial picks was my only gamble. I’m stoked I took a shot. We just keep winning baby.
Joe R., Chicago, IL

You guys are killing it this bowl season. So far 7-0, are you kidding me!!! Thanks again
Pat S., Miami, Florida

The Bowl Package was the best money ever spent. Not only is the price right but so far not one loss. Amazing.
Cathy R., Philadelphia, PA