Almost every sports bettor thinks that he or she is an NFL expert and that's precisely what the oddsmakers prey upon. The oddsmakers cater to the public perception of a football teams' strengths and weaknesses, rather than reality. It's important to recognize that there are what's called "public teams" in the NFL and in college football. Some of those teams include: The Steelers, Giants, Cowboys and Patriots in the NFL, and Alabama, Clemson, Florida, USC, Oklahoma and Texas in college football. Be careful when wagering on these teams as the lines on their games are usually inflated by the amount of play on them by the public.

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Baseball doesn't get the attention of the faster-paced sports like football and basketball, but it shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, building up a nice bankroll over the 6-month baseball season prior to the start of the more popular football season makes a lot of sense. Baseball is a lot of fun to bet on because so many statistics are kept and so much is riding on the pitchers of both teams. Remain aware of streaking and slumping teams. Don't play too many big favorites, keep alert for line changes during the day and be aware as you are in football and basketball about injuries to key players and you should do fine during this baseball season.

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College basketball picks from G.S.P. handicappers give college hoops fans the edge during March Madness. Our NCAA Picks have selected the March Madness winner for the past three years. College basketball is similar to college football in that the "big name" teams seem to get the bulk of the public's play most of the time. NCAA teams like Duke, Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, Arizona and UCLA get the bettors' "Love" and the lines on those college basketball teams usually run 2 to 5 points more than they should really be. The value is simply not there.

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Betting as an Investment.

Sound surprised? Don't be. Using sports betting systems as an investment strategy is no different than picking stocks or bonds. Actually, there is one difference -- it's more intelligent. There's no way to beat Wall Street. The small-time investor has no chance competing against super-wealthy bankers. So stop betting on sports and start investing in sports. Betting as an investment is a sounder strategy -- If you have the right person managing your sports portfolio. And that's exactly what we have.

Our CEO isn't just a world-class handicapper -- he's a former stock analyst and hedge fund manager with high-level finance experience. He's assembled a fantastic team that rivals anything the betting industry has seen. You wouldn't trust your stock portfolio to someone without financial experience or feel comfortable investing your hard-earned money with shady operators who make impossible promises. So stop guessing and start winning today...


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